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Education Approach

Education Approach

At the Forefront of Educational Research & Assessment

Research-based and outcome-driven, our organization is committed to continuously improving our proprietary curriculum by assessing and aligning with the most up-to-date science, current educational research, and important accreditation standards. Our education team taps well-respected educational experts to be part of the curriculum development process.  

By conducting regular assessments and obtaining third-party accreditation across all our centers, parents can access objective, informed insights on the quality of our offerings. We systematically measure educational outcomes using normative assessments. Notably, these third-party assessment tools consistently show that children in our centers outperform their peers in other programs in readiness for kindergarten and beyond.  

Custom Curriculum That Meets Children Where They Are

Years in the making by our own education team, our proprietary Early Foundations® is an innovative curriculum that models a whole-child approach and is purposefully designed to meet children exactly where they are, no matter their age or where they are on their educational journey. We balance choice and structure, small- and whole-group activities, and child-directed learning and teacher-led experiences at each stage, from infant to school-age. 

Focusing on the six main domains of childhood development: Cognitive Development, Creative Arts, Executive Function, Language and Literacy, Physical/Motor Development and Wellness, and Social and Emotional Development, the curriculum is designed to nurture children academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. 

We make investments in our curriculum and in how we operate our centers to promote safety as well as physical, mental and emotional health. Our teachers and staff undergo extensive training on mental and emotional health and safety practices, including pandemic response protocols, to provide a safe environment for children and confidence and peace of mind for parents. 

Accessible and Inclusive Learning

At KinderCare Learning Companies, Inc.™, we believe all children should have access to the highest quality early childhood education experience possible, regardless of background, financial circumstance, or ability, and are proud to offer subsidized tuition to low-income families.  

In support of all our children and families, we embrace inclusive participation of all children in our programs to ensure each center can meet the unique needs of each child and their varying abilities, interests, and passions.   

We also believe in doing what’s right for all children, not just the children who attend our centers. That means advocating to raise health, safety, and nutrition standards at the federal, state, and even local level. Our government relations work has improved safe sleeping standards for infants in child care and championed the effort to provide healthful fruit options in our nation’s public schools. 

Every child belongs in our circle. 

Children of all ages are ready to learn how to practice empathy, compassion, and understanding. And everything they do—from reading books and making art to even having lunch—can be experienced through an inclusive lens. 

Respecting all kinds of families and fostering a safe, welcoming community is foundational to who we are. In big cities and small towns, families come to us from every walk of life. When they join us, we’re committed to valuing the experiences and traditions they bring with them and honoring them within our community.  

Learning never stops for our teachers, either. They continue their education journey in Culturally Responsive Teaching that leads to deeper, more meaningful connections with students. 

KinderCare is a place that welcomes every race, gender, religion, mobility, ability, sexual identity, and family structure. We strive to create a place where every child can thrive and feel confident in who they are.