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In 1969, the first red-roofed KinderCare opened its doors and rang its bell. Our calling then is our calling now: to help hardworking families pursue their dreams.

KinderCare building


KinderCare Learning Centers founded 

Disney World


The first KinderCare at Work center opens for employees of Disney World 

KinderCare logo


We unveil our iconic bell-tower logo 

Champions Logo


Champions joins our family of brands 



Our first annual Legacy Awards, honoring our best teachers 

KinderCare At Work Logo


Launched KinderCare Education at Work family benefits brand for employers 

KinderCare awards


We become America’s most-accredited childcare provider 

Trophy award


Gallup names KinderCare as an Exceptional Workplace Award for the fifth year 

KinderCare Learning Companies


50 years later, a lot has changed and so have we. From one red roof to over two thousand locations, we are a community of 27,000 passionate educators striving to make each child’s potential shine. A human-powered network of over 2,000 centers and sites in 40 states and the District of Columbia, working individually—and collectively.  

Through it all, what we do for children and families remains constant. We are caregivers. We are educators. We impart a lifelong love of learning. But we are so much more. 

We are builders. Of confidence. Of unshakeable self-worth. Of conviction children carry with them as they take their first steps—and every step after—toward taking on the world.  

We rise, so they can shine. 

We build Confidence for Life™