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Supporting & Celebrating Our Educators 

Our nearly 31,000 teachers are the true heart of KinderCare Learning Companies, Inc.™. When a child feels excited about learning, when a classroom of children feels loved and respected, when a family has a strong and trusting bond with a teacher—these are the truest markers of our success. 

At KinderCare Learning Companies, Inc.™, we believe that early childhood education is one of the greatest careers a person could pursue. We also believe that early childhood educators deserve the highest accolades for the passion, talent, and dedication they bring to the classroom every day. 

Professional Development Days 

We give our teachers the opportunity to grow their talents and careers as professional educators. KinderCare® Learning Centers close two days a year—once in the fall and once in the spring—to provide additional training to our teachers. We take these days to focus in-depth on topics such as our Early Foundations® curriculum, inclusion services, and classroom management.

Joining the KinderCare Team

We're looking for dedicated educators and child care professionals. KinderCare professionals enjoy careers that are both challenging and rewarding.