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KinderCare and Whirlpool Open New Onsite Childcare Center

October 22, 2019

Portland, Ore. (October 23, 2019) – Everyday can be Take Your Child to Work Day for employees at Whirlpool’s headquarters in Benton Township, Mich. Whirlpool has partnered with KinderCare Education to open The Eddy, its first onsite childcare center.

KinderCare is the nation’s largest private provider of early childhood education and care. For 50 years, the company has created safe, nurturing environments where kids can learn, grow and build confidence for life. KinderCare focuses on encouraging children’s natural curiosity to learn and providing high-quality early childhood education and care programs.

“We’re hearing from more and more employers today that childcare is increasingly important to their employees,” said Tom Wyatt, CEO of KinderCare. “Companies like Whirlpool recognize the value of providing childcare services as a benefit to their employees, whether that’s through onsite centers like The Eddy or through a tuition benefit so children can attend a childcare center in their community. We’re proud to partner with Whirlpool to support their families.”

The Eddy, named by Whirlpool employees, has the unique capability of combining KinderCare’s educational philosophy with Whirlpool values to create a premium educational and nurturing environment. In nature, an eddy is a small whirlpool. And in many ways, the center reflects the brand, character and personality of Whirlpool. The center was designed by Integrated Architecture from Grand Rapids and constructed with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly materials and on making the most of natural light.

The center features an indoor terrarium in the lobby, an indoor multipurpose room, outdoor playgrounds with a soccer field, a whimsical playhouse, tricycle paths, a tree house, and an outdoor stage for plays and moments of make-believe. And because the center is onsite, Whirlpool employees can visit their children anytime, drop into classes, join special outings and events, and even nurse. For a look inside the center, please visit the KinderCare newsroom.

KinderCare teachers approach learning with the goal of building on children’s natural sense of discovery, joy and wonder. By combining play and education, KinderCare helps young minds develop and children build confidence. KinderCare brings a research-based, proprietary curriculum that is specifically developed to align with state early learning standards and kindergarten expectations, so parents have confidence that their children have the skills necessary for kindergarten. National assessments show that children do better the longer they’re enrolled in KinderCare. They also reach developmental milestones earlier and are better prepared for first grade than their peers.

About KinderCare Education®

KinderCare Education is America’s largest private provider of early childhood education and child care. KinderCare has more than 36,000 teachers and staff serving hardworking families in 40 states and the District of Columbia caring for more than 186,000 children every day:

  • In neighborhoods, with KinderCare® Learning Centers that offer early childhood education and child care for children six weeks to 12 years old;
  • At work, through KinderCare Education at Work™, providing customized family benefits for more than 400 employers around the country, including on-site and near-site early learning centers and back-up care for last-minute child care, and
  • In local schools, with Champions® before and after-school programs.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, KinderCare operates more than 1,500 early learning centers, and more than 600 Champions sites. In 2019, KinderCare earned its third Gallup Great Workplace Award – one of only 39 companies worldwide to win this award. To learn more, visit KinderCare Education.  


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