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Center celebrates grand opening, 100 percent occupancy

June 13, 2016

Center City staff, including Assistant Director Shaneka Madden and Director Mina Abdollahi (right), gave many tours during the center’s grand opening celebration.The Center City KinderCare Learning Center in Philadelphia has a lot to celebrate: last December they moved to a new space just down the hall from their old location, and in May they had their official grand opening. During those in-between months the center’s population grew and they’re now 100 percent occupied.

The new space is a big draw for attracting families – especially custom features like a giant stroller and car seat room and an indoor playground – but it’s the staff and the sense of community that keep families at the center.

Elana Hunter, a Center City parent for the past seven years, spoke at the center’s grand opening celebration in May about the special place KinderCare holds in her family’s hearts. Her family first came to the center when her son Skylar was a baby. He’s now in first grade while his younger sister Mimi is in the center’s prekindergarten program.

The Hunter Family“KinderCare has been a big part of our lives for a long time,” Hunter said. “[It’s] been the right place for us and the kids. We have relied on KinderCare and the great teachers and staff in so many ways. With Skylar, we didn’t always know what was next. He was our first and the KinderCare teachers – who have done this all 100 times before – helped us along the way.”

That support, teachers helping parents prepare for and experiencing the major milestones of each child’s life, is definitely a big reason why families stay at Center City KinderCare. The downtown location and perks of the new center also help, but in the end, Hunter echoed what many families no doubt feel when she explained the peace of mind she has knowing her children are in the caring hands of their KinderCare teachers.

“We know they are happy, learning, and in good hands when they’re here, so once we drop them off we can focus on work and we have always been so grateful for that.”

As her youngest approaches kindergarten Hunter and her family face a new chapter in their lives; a time without KinderCare (the center doesn’t have a school-age program) and the teachers and staff who’ve come to mean so much to them. But even as they prepare to say goodbye to their beloved center, there are 30 new students (and their parents) who are learning just what it means to be a KinderCare family.